One Cloud-Based Solution

Our innovative platform brings all your data points together in one HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based solution.

EHR Interface, Insurance Interface, Billing Interface

Stop wasting valuable office staff time running reports from multiple health plan portals, pulling billing records and resubmitting encounters.

Our software automates it all.


The Human Touch

Our experienced consultants work as the bridge between your team and the quality team at all participating health plans to increase your scores substantially and reward you with greater incentive payments.

Automated Patient Follow-Up to Improve Your Scores

Voice, email, or text messaging...our system includes live and pre-recorded outreach messaging in the language(s) of your choice to improve patient compliance and boost your scores.


Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Our simplified solution puts you on the leading edge.

Color-coding provides VBP status at a glance


Green – patients received all services; claims submitted and acknowledged by insurance company
Orange – patients received all services; claims submitted but not yet acknowledged by insurance company
Yellow – patients require follow-up call to schedule an appointment for QIP measure services
Red – patient information incorrect in EHR or patient is not in EHR

One platform, one solution to manage all of your QIP claims


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